Blu Croix Ltd.

Specialization in Telecommunications

Easements, Title, Complex Disposition Transactions, Creation of Conveyable Air Space in Switch Environments, Surplus Portfolio Strategy, Valuation Scenarios, Regulatory Compliance, Network Analysis and Protection to Enable Transactions.  

Due Diligence

‚ÄčTitle, Zoning, Re-Use. Intended Use, Contingency, Title, Acquisition, Cost Estimates, Feasibility Analysis


Blu Croix Ltd. Renders the Following services on an hourly basis:
Corporate Real Property Consulting
Site Selection

Scenario Analysis, Matrix Summary, Cost Benefit Analysis, Contingency Strategy, Backup Strategies, Multiple Site Processing

Cash Flow Analysis

Currency Analysis, Present Value and Discounted, Exchange Rate Risk, PVm NPV, IRR, FMRR, Payback, Break Even

Permits and Entitlements

‚ÄčZoning, General Plan, Condition Use Permits, Variances, Coastal, Environmental, Parallel Permit Processing, Strategic Lobbying, Floor Area Ratios, Subdivisions, Lot Line Adjustments, Trip Fees, Street/Alley Vacations